Current Projects
Infinity Group Operating Divisions:

What sets Infinity Energy above and beyond our competition?

We invest a great deal of time in planning for our projects to ensure execution is efficient and effective - "On time and on budget".

We hire the best employees in their respective fields of expertise.

1. Industrial Science Research Park. (Adjacent to our Heartland Facility development)
2. Full scale Industrial Division which will provides Development and Facility (plant) Operations.
3. Green Energy Division.

Business Ethics and Conduct

Core Values

Infinity Energy's accomplishments and success have become the foundation and cornerstone of our growth. Our mission is to provide the finest construction and project execution by ensuring on-time, on or under budget project delivery. We strive to provide a level of service that will exceed the expectations of our clients, and investors, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

A simple example of this philosophy is shown in the hiring of our Executive Team.

Each member underwent an extensive background check as well as behavior evaluations to ensure there would be a perfect fit within the Management Group. We endeavor to cultivate an environment whereby an employee is rewarded for their contribution to the successful completion of a project. We are building a legacy, one with rigorous standards in safety, quality, efficiency and integrity.


Our employees are our biggest asset and in the construction industry, training is a key component to the success of any company. Employee development and training translates into a workplace that is safer, dynamic and most of all, rewarding for both the employee and the company.


Holding ourselves accountable is how we learn, grow and prosper.


"Time is Money"...this adage has never been more accurate then amidst Alberta's past, present and future economy. Our focused and knowledgeable teams work hard to provide timely, cost effective solutions to our projects.


Our success involves many participants including our employees, our suppliers, our sub-contractors, our clients, and our investors. Providing leadership and building strong ties within our local community adds value to our business and contributes to a more vibrant community.

Charitable and Community Involvement:

We give back to the community that has fostered our success through charitable words, thoughts and actions.

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