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Infinity Energy Operating Divisions

Executive Management Team:

Infinity Energy has attracted some of the best and most experienced individuals in their respected field of expertise. These individuals include MBAs, CPAs, P.Eng, as well an impressive group of experts in the fields of science, IT (information technology), finance, banking, safety, HR (human resources), sales, marketing and construction, Aboriginal/local community engagement. The Infinity Executive Team has assembled an Advisory Management Board to provide further fields of expertise in the development of the Company.

Project Management, Research Development, Quality Management Systems, Risk Management and Social License:

The Infinity Executive Management Team understands how to plan and execute a project. Combined, the management team have hundreds of years of experience in their respected fields of expertise. All projects undertaken by Infinity Energy follow industry best practices to ensure projects are executed safely, with quality, on time and on budget.

Infinity Energy Projects:

As a number of our large projects are still in development, the details can not be presented. Infinity Energy can provide the following:

1. Industrial Project Development.
2. Industrial Facility Operations Division.
3. World Class Biodiesel development.

Biofuels have Enormous Potential for Renewable Energy Development

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How to Make Biofuels

Though it might seem a little bit like magic, we have detailed accounts of how we transform everyday objects into a fuel source potent and abundant enough to power our still-developing country.

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Uses for Biofuels

Few solutions are "one size fits all" and biofuels are no different (though, we'd argue that they're one size fits most!). If you're interested in some interesting applications of biofuel technologies, we have details for you!

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