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Who is Infinity Energy?

Infinity Petroleum Energy Resources Inc.(Infinity Energy) is a privately owned Canadian Aboriginal GREENX2™ Renewable Energy Company. Our Core Values include the co-creation of economic growth and prosperity along with a commitment to a vibrant environment, and Social License. Our Mission Statement aligns with the Three Pillars of the Alberta economy; Energy, Agriculture and Tourism. We bring significant expertise and experience in engineering, manufacturing, construction, research and development, with success in combining and empowering community engagement through education, employment, and sport with economic development.

At Infinity Energy, we have spent a great deal of time and capital in the development of our projects. We have engaged with local communities at all levels to ensure their ongoing support of, and commitment to both their and our respective successes.

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Biodiesel (organic diesel) is used to refer to renewable fuels that can be burned in a diesel engine. Biodiesel is most often made from the oil extracted from a variety of plants, such as peanuts or soybeans, although it can also be made from animal fats. Vegetable oil needs treatment before it can be burned. Currently, Infinity Energy is performing research on new feedstock that can be produced right here in Alberta

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Ethanol is a type of biodiesel that you're probably familiar with - it's the same alcohol found in spirits! However, bioethanol is a renewable resource that you can create using agricultural feedstock, like sugar cane and potatoes. With recent advances, though, there are many new feedstock products available.

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We develop projects that are environmentally friendly bringing economic and job creation benefits, so that they can individually stand alone. This will drive The Research, Technology and Innovation of our industry. GREENX2™ is our symbol of highest level commitment to being GREEN and doing those things that enhance the GREEN environment. GREENX2™ because projects environmentally green, and are also economically feasible, By cutting edge technology (not requiring ongoing government subsidies, beyond start-up); thus GREENX2™

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